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Programming with C Programming with C++
Introduction to C Introduction to C++
Structure of C Features of C++
Keywords & Identifiers String, Array & Function
Variables & Constants Classes & Objects
DataTypes & Storage Classes Types of Access Specifiers
Operators & Type Conversion Constructor & Destructor
Control, Looping & Jump Statements Inheritance & Polymorphism
Array Virtual & Friend Function
String & String Function Library File in C++
Function, Structure & Union Templates
Pointer & File I/O Command Line Argument
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C language provides the communication between a programmer and computer. C provides wide range of applications in programming. It may be used for operating system, graphics, microcontrollers, commercial and industrial applications. C is a portable and high level language i.e. a program written in one machine can be based on others with almost negligible modifications. C is first steps to learn C++ and JAVA programming. Some concepts and methods are used by C are also applicable to C++ and JAVA programming.

As we know C is a high level programming language - means which can be understand by humans. The code written in C or any other language is in binary format (Source File) which needs to be compiled by Compilers (different languages has different compilers) - compiled can code executes first and convert it into Object File then with the help of Linker (has Library Files) produces required result which can be seen on your Console screen (Executable File).