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Core JAVA Basics Android OS Advance - Android OS
JAVA Introduction Development Framework Introduction Graphics, Multimedia & 2D Animation
JAVA Virtual Machine DVM, DDMs, AAPT Introduction to Audio+Video
JAVA Applets & Application Architecture & Android with OOP's Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Control & Looping Statements Android Activity & Component Life Cycle Android Persistent & Shared Preference
Android UI & Components Layouts & Widget Toolkit Google Maps & Location
OOP's Features Dialogues, Alerts, Menus & Views Creation Android File System
Multi-Threading & Exceptions Intent & Fragments Parsing (DOM, SAX, JSON, Pull)
JAVA I/O & Swing Database with SQLite
XML Parsing with DOM
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One of the most widely used mobile OS these days is ANDROID. Android is a software bunch comprising not only operating system but also middleware and key applications. Android Inc was founded in Palo Alto of California, U.S. by Andy Rubin, Rich miner, Nick sears and Chris White in 2003. Later Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005.

Features - Android is a powerful Operating System supporting a large number of applications in Smart Phones. These applications make life more comfortable and advanced for the users. Hardwares that support Android are mainly based on ARM architecture platform.

Application - Composed of one or more application components. The manifest file must declare all components and application requirements, like minimum version of Android & any hardware configurations required. Non-code application resources should include alternatives for different device configurations.

It is an open source platform and its free - Too easy to learn if you are familiar with java - its scope to learn and work is endless. As an growing OS not only for mobile devices, it is also in demand this days because of the gaming and all types of useful applications. Moreover the development environment, performance, security, stability and low investment features of the android platform, it produced a compelling effect on many aspirant developers to choose android over others. Experience our IT Services for your Mobile Website or Project Development - See our Demo Projects and feel free to Contact Us for any query.